Filters "Kolan" - purity of nature.

The filter “KOLAN” guarantees 100% oil filtration for domestic and import cars.
      "Who filtrates and how "
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When doesn’t the ordinary filter work?

   Firstly , by the cold start of engine. While the motor haven’t been warmed up, the relief valve was left open from 5 to 30 minutes, depending on ambient temperature and oil body. The oil refining is minimal during often car stops in the city cycle.
   Secondly it opens by full or partial clogging up of filtering curtain. The functioning with dirty oil can continue for weeks and months in this case.
   Thirdly it opens by the sharp pressure increase in a lubricating system, for example, by the overtaking, by the start of warmed-up engine. The valve opens not for a long time, but the dirt portion still continues to come to engine.
The considerable part of abrasive material, collected by a filter element, is being washed off by oil to an engine, grinding during every opening of relief valve.
           ORDINARY FILTER                          FILTER "KOLAN"

                              Oil streams from the filters

The patented filter element of relief valve in the filters of oil refinement “KOLAN” guarantees 100% oil refinement and longevity of your engine.
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